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We were completely unprepared for the layers of complexities that followed an accident caused by an inattentive driver. Reaching out to John O’Connor was life changing. He, and his very kind and knowledgeable staff, took care of everything. His extensive background, in cases just like ours, helped us understand the true extent of the damages. His integrity and personal commitment to fight for what was right made all the difference in our experience, peace of mind, and in the outcome. John O’Connor’s guidance and recommendations were thoughtfully based on what was important to us. We are incredibly grateful. He has our respect and highest recommendation.
-   Posted by : --D.G.

I worked with John and his law office for almost 5 years for a difficult case that we were involved in. He made what is usually a stressful situation so much easier on me and handled everything in an effective and professional manner. I can't stress enough how pleasant it was to work with him and how helpful he was through the entire thing. I will continuously recommend John and his staff to anyone who is looking for a top notch lawyer. John and his assistant Lori are phenomenal and I was very satisfied with my outcome after 5 years.
-   Posted by : --T.R.

John O'Connor assisted us with a very difficult lawsuit. He presented our case effectively with a great result! We would highly recommend him!
-   Posted by : --V.A.

Mr. O'Connor won our case against an insurance company for us. He did his research and that is why we won. Mr. O'Connor is personable and explains things very well. I would highly recommend using this local attorney.
-   Posted by : --W.V.

John O'Connor helped us with a real estate problem that ended with a great outcome. He turned an overwhelming situation into something manageable and then, walked us through every step. He is kind, knowledgeable, and determined. Exactly the person you want on your side.
-   Posted by : --S.E.


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